Live Oak County EOC 06/22/2019

Kicked off Field Day 2019 with an intro and instruction by Jim Bomer.

Basic operations of the 2 station radios and the bands that they are set on. Then the point system and different types of modes.

At 1:00 PM

Started contesting with Vernon and Joe Rugar on the 40 meter band, and Joe Wofford on the 20 meter station. Attendees swapped out as operator and logger from time to time.

At 2:00 pm Jim Bomer presented a demonstration of proper grounding for ham shacks, equipment to single common grounding including the shack/residence with all components properly grounded together to help prevent damage during lighting hits.

At 3:30 Pm members started parting.

There were 3 messages sent via Texas Traffic net, attempted to connect win-link but was unable to complete connection to work properly.

Attending Field day event

Gene Chaplin, Jim Bomer, Fred Rugar, Joe Rugar, Frank Pattillo,

Vernon Anderson, Joe Wolford, Brian Ahrens and John Spiess.