Meeting Minutes

Below will be meeting minutes posted from past meetings.

BARK Meeting 06-15-2019

Dairy Queen, Beeville

Opened Meeting 11:00 Am

Jim Bomer

       Discussed Field Day to be held on Saturday June 22, 2019 at the Live Oak County EOC starting 1:pm till 5pm. Operators are to use the rear door to building for entry to EOC.

Discussed radio operations using two operators at a time one operating radio and the other logging contact information, then trading places after a while. To rotate out operators depending on the number of operators that attend.

Will be using W5LOC STX 2F call insignia.

Discussed the ARES as they have adopted new rules of operations. Covered the point that any participation of EOC is by call notification of EC or County official. If the hams are not asked to help then no need to go to the EOCs. Hams are a supportive asset, to be used when and if needed.

He agreed to hold training session in rules, procedures and forms in future for handling different types of communications and means they need be handled.

Joe Ruger;

       Addressed that he has perched some of the means needed to build a digital repeater providing DMRS, P25 and other modes that will be located at his residence. 

Klub will start holding meeting on the third (3rd) Saturday of each month. Emails, verbal and web site will be used to   announce the location of the monthly meeting depending which is available.

Meeting Attendance:

Fred Rugar; KE5HTB, Joe Rugar; W6AUS

Frank Pattillo; KC5QPP, Joe Wofford; KD0ABJ,

Vernon Anderson; KG5VFA, Jim Bomer; W5IM,

Brian Ahrens; KE5RKI, Scott Campbell; K5CBC

Klub web site

Meeting Closed at 12:30 pm

Beeville Amateur Radio Klub

Meeting minutes

Location:  Bill Yates home
Date:  3/2/2019
Attendees:  See Sign in sheet

Agenda items

  1. Baluns 4:1 9:1 and ugly choke balun, Was put on hold as speaker was not available.
  2. Elect Frank KC5QPP as secretary.  Vote was held all where in favoir.
  3. Joe Rugar was Kept as the current President deiscussion was made on the subject matter.
  4. Discuss March 6th Torndo Drill.
  5. Discussion on W5BEE and how that will be used by the club.
  6. Meeting Attendance:       

Frank Pattillo; KC5QPP, Joe Wofford; KD0ABJ,

Vernon Anderson; KG5VFA, Scott Campbell; K5CBC

Danny Smith; K5DJS, Joe Rugar; KE5MKM,

Fred Rugar; KE5HTB, Bill Yates; KG5GJR

Ray Martin; KG5DKD, Dalton Pinney  


Open Lot beside the Masonic Lodge, Beeville

No agenda for this meeting, was a field exercise in preparation of Field day to be held June 22, 2019.

Set up a dipole antenna, radios on battery power and made a few contacts. Allowed several members and guest to set at the radio and operate. Conditions and location was not ideal and gave vital experience as to conditions that may be experienced in a disaster condition.

Held a social informational of activities of the day after rigging down and putting equipment away.

Meeting attendance;

Scott Campbell: KI5AWX, Eli Benson; AF5S, Frank Pattillo; KC5QPP,

Vernon Anderson; KG5VFA, Falko Buchanan; AD5MX,

Joe Rugar; KE5MKM, Fred Rugar; KE5HTB


Buck Ely, Elder Warner and Elder Acosta.